The Low Bar

The Bears add talented targets, but the goal for much of the existing core remain the same – Endure.

Danger’s Arrival

We are unwilling members of a larger game that is designed to melt the pieces and discard the board.


I took a drink of water.  I felt refreshed. Thirty seconds later, it was back – incessant thirst.  I took another swig of water from my 28 oz. bottle, emptying it for the 5th or 6th time that day. This was the second week of this constant thirst, constant urination.  When I wasn’t pissing, I…

Double Vision: Pace & Nagy’s Journey Begins

As discussed in my previous article, the primary thing that John Fox had going for him upon his hiring was that he was not Marc Trestman.  He never really evolved past that point. Matt Nagy (næg-gēē) isn’t John Fox, and his press conference yesterday proved as much.  He was unabashedly emotional regarding his family and…

Taming, Blaming of the Fox

“Come and play with me,” proposed the little prince. “I am so unhappy.” “I cannot play with you,” the Fox said. “I am not tamed.” The little prince asked, “What does that mean–‘tame’?” “It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. It means to establish ties.” “‘To establish ties’?” “Just that,” said the…