Always Look On The Bright Side of Life

Yesterday was something of a bleak-ish day for your author, so I decided to cobble together what I believe are positives for the Bears franchise in regards to one Ryan Pace.  Let’s swig a bit of blue and orange kool-aid, shall we? 2015 DRAFT Eddie Goldman, 2nd round:  He’s the anchor of the Bears defensive…

They Can’t All Be Winners

I have been and continue to be a big supporter of Ryan Pace.  I believe by the time his era ends, for better or worse, we will look back on the Pace era as one that returned the Bears to a relevant state. That said, this entry is not aiming to be kind or optimistic. …

BFO Podcast e.04 – Jordan Howard Drama

In E04 of the BearsFansOnline Podcast, Chris & Andy ponder the Jordan Howard drama, speculate about Top 10 NFL Draft scenarios, and speculate about Cam Meredith’s likely (or unlikely?) return to the team.

The Low Bar

The Bears add talented targets, but the goal for much of the existing core remain the same – Endure.

Double Vision: Pace & Nagy’s Journey Begins

As discussed in my previous article, the primary thing that John Fox had going for him upon his hiring was that he was not Marc Trestman.  He never really evolved past that point. Matt Nagy (næg-gēē) isn’t John Fox, and his press conference yesterday proved as much.  He was unabashedly emotional regarding his family and…