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Like so many great bands, I’m taking an indefinite hiatus from the blogging game.  I’m focusing more on creative writing, being a homeowner, eventually a husband, and living the life of your everyday Illinois dope. Thanks so much to anyone and everyone who took the time to read my page.

The Owl

Ragged breathing, on and on, the pair raced through the bracken Carriage laden, heavy wares, their pace would never slacken The Man held lash and shouted on, the beast it frothed and thundered As forest whipped the dusk to blush, endless night broke asunder Crimson hues and barren boughs draped o’er their tarried rush With…


Bryce Callahan’s young NFL career wasn’t easy, but he’ll never let up.

BFO Podcast e.07

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Chris & Andy dig deep to find confidence after a crushing #Bears season opener.

In It Together

Before he surfed into the 2000s as Bears President & CEO, Ted Phillips took on the Daley empire, a city’s history, and endured.

BFO Podcast e.06

Don’t worry! Chris and Andy are back to discuss Tanner Gentry’s secure spot on the practice squad, and maybe a blurb on Khalil Mack if they have time.

Waiting For Fall

I know, I know, it’s late August and it’s going to be 100 degrees for another month or two, but….

The Four Fans

Being Bears fans makes us all a little stupid, irrational, aggressive, and frustrated, but we do our best.